- Tropical Art on Wood Batik
2020 Artist - Kealoha Pa
Kealoha was born on the Island of Moloka'i in 1951.  He spent most of his childhood growing up on the Island of Guam.  After graduating from The Kamehameha Schools in 1969, he went to the California College of Arts and Crafts on Oakland, California.  Circumstances forced him out of college and basically put his art career on hold until 1983.  It was at this time that he became involved in the contract furniture business and worked extensively in Asia with various furniture manufacturers.  During his tenure in Asia, he became aware of the wood batik process and plunged right into learning everything he could about it.

Kealoha's subject matters are as diverse as his nationalities.  Being of Hawaiian, English and Chinese decent, his artwork also reflects this diversity.  From Tropicals to Orientals and contemporary graphics, his works are surely colorful and appealing to many.  His works have been exhibited at various eateries throughout Hawaii including; Sam Choy's, Nick's Fishmarket, Verbano's, Jarron's, Orson's Seafood, Wong's Okazuya, Isana's, the Honolulu Club, Pizzazz, Da Kitchen, Gordon Biersch and many others.  His artwork has been sold and shipped to collectors in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, England, Germany, Canada, Guam, Saudi Arabia, the continental United States and here in Hawaii.

About the Process

Similar to fabric batiks, the only difference between the two is the material used to paint on.  The process of dyes and resists are very much the same.  I have tried in my own way to revitalize this art form by incorporating it into the designs of everyday items such as jewelry, gift boxes, furniture, screens and my artwork.


Close Up

Art need not be sterile or mundane, it can be an integral part of our everyday lives.  If by incorporating it into the mainstream of our everyday lives it brings us some sort of enlightenment - then let it flow, let if flood and let it envelope your lives into it.

As for my art, if it somehow enlightens your life, via a pleasant blast from the past or an eye-opening flash of the future, then I've taken another step in fully utilizing this gift of artistic creativity bestowed upon me from above.

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